Insurance indemnity in agricultural insurance

Payment in agricultural insurance UAH 1.566.000

agricultural insurance

Agriculture depends on weather fluctuations throughout the production cycle, from sowing to harvesting. The weather risk factor is one of the least predictable.

In 2020, the total shortage of moisture was more than a third of the annual norm. It is because of such factors that one of the farms in the Cherkasy region reported low yields for the insured crop - corn.

According to the terms of the complex insurance contract for future crops, UNIVERSALNA paid an insurance indemnity in the amount of UAH 1.566.000.

A professional approach and your right choice is insurance with UNIVERSALNA Insurance Company.

Publication date: 23.11.2020


  • UNIVERSALNA has a transparent ownership structure


    The National Bank confirmed that UNIVERSALNA’s ownership structure fully complies with transparency requirements

  • UNIVERSALNA is green according to all MTSBU indicators


    Our MTPL is green again.

  • The financial stability rating of uaAAA was confirmed


    We have once again confirmed our highest financial stability rating at the uaAAA level.



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