The assessment of the quality of the MTPL is returned

MTSBU renewed the publication of the traffic light

The assessment of the quality of the MTPL is returned

MTSBU - motor civil liability regulatory organization renewed the publication of the traffic light - assessment of the activities of insurance companies on mandatory civil liability insurance. And we consistently have the highest rating in all indicators:

General assessment of the insurer's activity

Quality of loss settlement

Level of complaints from victims and policyholders

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We return points for insurance to the Fishka card

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UNIVERSALNA is an insurance company that is part of the Fairfax international group (Canada, Toronto).

Publication date: 13.12.2022


  • UNIVERSALNA has a transparent ownership structure

    The National Bank confirmed that UNIVERSALNA’s ownership structure fully complies with transparency requirements

  • UNIVERSALNA is green according to all MTSBU indicators

    Our MTPL is green again.

  • The financial stability rating of uaAAA was confirmed

    We have once again confirmed our highest financial stability rating at the uaAAA level.



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