Ukrainian Farmers to Get More Financing through Crop Insurance Guarantees with USAID Support


UNIVERSALNA Insurance company, PrivatBank and the United States Agency for International development (USAID) are teaming up to launch a program to support micro, small and medium-sized agribusinesses. The program will provide some UAH 572 million in additional financing for the agricultural sector during the 2023 season, using future harvest insurance as collateral for bank loans.

The goal is to expand access to finance for Ukrainian farmers and agricultural companies by reducing the bank's credit risk. Ukrainian farmers and agricultural enterprises will be able to receive preferential bank loans from PrivatBank guaranteed by the future crop insurance from PJSC IC UNIVERSALNA. USAID will provide grant funds to purchase the crop insurance. The new program is expected to generate additional financing for about 220 small agricultural producers with an average loan amount of UAH 2.6 million. The farmers will also benefit from the risk-reducing features of crop insurance.

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UNIVERSALNA is an insurance company that is part of the Fairfax International Group (Canada, Toronto).

Date of publication: 13.09.2023


  • UNIVERSALNA has a transparent ownership structure

    The National Bank confirmed that UNIVERSALNA’s ownership structure fully complies with transparency requirements

  • UNIVERSALNA is green according to all MTSBU indicators

    Our MTPL is green again.

  • The financial stability rating of uaAAA was confirmed

    We have once again confirmed our highest financial stability rating at the uaAAA level.



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