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    At OKKO gas stations

    At OKKO gas stations you have the opportunity to:
    • Purchase a compulsory third-party liability insurance policy and other insurance products for car owners around the clock to complement and extend your protection.
    • Get advice on car insurance and other insurance products for car owners.
    • Get increased points on the Fishka card for the purchased car insurance policy and additional protection for the car owner.



    MTPL on OKKO is:
    • electronic policy at once,
    • instant entry of the policy into the MTIBU database (for inspection by the Police),
    • guaranteed display of the policy in the ACTION application,
    • possibility to pay in cash or by card for the policy,
    • receipt as confirmation of payment for the policy,
    • autocivilka with additional coverage from 200 thousand UAH,
    • service card for roadside assistance.

    Have any questions?

    The specialist of our contact center will answer your question, clarification or any information about insurance products or services provided by the insurance company UNIVERSALNA
    Your manager Yana

    Your manager Yana