Insurance of scooters, segways and boards

  • Risks:
  • Accidents, collisions with other vehicles, hitting moving or stationary objects
  • Theft of your mobility device with unlawful entry / burglary
  • Fire or explosion
  • Natural disasters
  • Mechanical damage by other objects .
  • Damage suddenly caused to property, life and / or health by your mobility device
  • Claims paid:
  • 50% of the cost of your mobility device in case of its destruction, theft, fire, explosion, natural disaster
  • Reimbursement of the cost of repair of the mobility device at the service center for damage resulting from an accident, collision or mechanical damage
  • The injured person who you caused damage while using your mobility device within the sum insured
  • The driver in the event of an accident when using the mobility device

Mobility devices insurance


Insurance program:

Sum insured - cost of the mobility device
Deductible for property risks - 10%
The contract covers persons aged 16 to 65

Insurance contract period - 12 months.
One-time payment
Tariff - 8-15% of the cost of your mobility device (depending on the type).

The insurance covers all modern mobility devices:
  • electric scooters
  • electric bicycles
  • electric segways
  • electric motorcycles
  • gyroscooters
  • gyroboards

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More about mobility devices insurance

  • What documents are required to conclude an insurance contract?

    The following documents are required to conclude an insurance contract:
    Identification code
    Check from the store
    Completed warranty card (which must contain: make / model, serial number / IMEI of your mobility device)
  • Can I insure used mobility devices?

    We do not currently insure used mobility devices.

    We offer a profitable cooperation:
    mobility stores
    as well as companies that offer scooters for rent - an individual program
  • What documents are required to get compensation if I was involved in an accident?

    - a statement about the accident
    - photo and video materials of the damaged vehicle
    - documents confirming the value of the insured vehicle and the financial interest of the indemnity recipient
    - documents of the competent authorities confirming the fact and cause of the insured event
    - estimate of repair costs provided by the service center / repair organization
    - a copy of the passport and identification code of the insurance indemnity recipient
    - a copy of the insurance contract
  • What documents are required to get compensation if I have caused damage to a third party?

    The third party receives compensation in the following case
    - a written request (statement, claim) of a third party;
    - documents certifying the person who has suffered losses;
    - documents certifying the fact, causes and circumstances of the insured event (in case of pre-trial settlement of the claim):
    - court decision (in case of claim settlement in court);
    - documents confirming the loss amount
    - documents confirming the right of a third party to receive insurance indemnity
  • What documents are required to get compensation if I was injured while using my mobility device?

    Application for receipt of insurance indemnity (to be filled out in the office)
    Copy of the Insurance Contract, passport, TIN, birth certificate (for minors)
    Documents certifying the right of the beneficiary to receive insurance indemnity
    Accident report (a copy thereof), certified by the original seal of the institution that executed the report: forms H-1 in case of occupational injuries; forms of NT - in case of non-occupational injuries
    Certificate from a medical institution of the prescribed form indicating the name of the Insured Person, diagnosis, date of treatment and duration of treatment, signed and stamped by the responsible person
    Copy of the disability certificate (in case of temporary disability of the Insured due to an accident)
    Copy of the Medical Consultative Commission/ Medical Examining Commission conclusion on the establishment of disability groups I, II, III due to an accident
    Copy of death certificate
  • How is the insurance indemnity paid?

    The insurance indemnity is paid in non-cash form in the amount of direct loss less deductible to the current account of the Insured
    Does the insurance cover additional equipment?
    No, only the basic equipment is covered.
    Will another person be considered insured against an accident if he / she uses the insured SM, and at what age (for example, a child)?
    Only those people who are listed in the contract as insured persons are insured against the accident.
  • What is the payment deadline?

    Payment term is up to 10 days from the date of the decision on payment.
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