CASCO during martial law

Is my CASCO policy valid now during martial law? This is the most popular question we receive on our hotline.

CASCO in the period of the military state

Is my policy valid CASCO now under martial law? This is the most popular question we receive on our hotline.

UNIVERSALNA informs you that even during martial law, we are responsible for your car.

UNIVERSALNA indemnifies damages caused to our customers as a result of a traffic accident, natural disaster, fire or unlawful actions of third parties not related to wartime crimes. The contract is valid.

The UNIVERSALNA contact center works around the clock, accepts requests, cases are resolved. We do not stop making payments.

At the same time, please note that, according to the terms of the vast majority of insurance contracts, damage to property as a result of a direct hit by shells, balls, explosives, as well as the consequences of other military risks are exceptions to the insurance coverage of all insurance companies.

Even in wartime conditions, we will try to regulate insured events as efficiently and as quickly as possible, pay out insurance compensation for services (if the service works in the region and is ready to repair a car), or to the client’s personal account.

Our team of settlement experts has settled more than 100 transport insurance cases for a total amount of more than UAH 3.5 million since February 24, 2022.

We advise on insurance issues and stay in touch on Viber 067 223 30 37

Together we are strong

Victory will be for Ukraine!

We fulfill our obligations to customers, partners and employees.

UNIVERSALNA is an insurance company that is part of the Fairfax international group (Canada, Toronto).

Publication date: 19.03.2022


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